Wednesday, 17 July 2013

10 Amazing things you can do with google

How to use google as a Proxy

This is a Simple Trick on How to Use google as a free proxy...

=> If your college or organization block any website then this trick can work there
==> just type ==>
==> it open the website that you want to access... e.g

How to Download a mp3 song very fast or very easy
==> Just type in google this command intitle:”index of” movie name “song name” mp3...
The link of that song will shown to you . Just click on it...

How to see the time of any country
==> Open Google > type ==> time Nigeria ( or any country ), it will show you current time of that country....
e.g time Canada, time USA or even time Ibadan if you believe Ibadan is a Country

How to make a logo of your own name like Google
==> just open this website
==> Type your logo name
==> And a page like with your logo is created

How to Read any Book Online for Free on Google
==> Visit, Then Type Google Book
==> Then this Link will be Shown to you and you can Start your Book Search by using the Book and Author's name as your Search Criterias.

Use Google Map Online to Located Places
The command is:- map

Find a File In any format with Google Search
=> Internet has various types of files like .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .mp3, .pptx, and so on. It is possible to list only a particular type of files on Google .
like :-
The command is :-
Topic name filetype:pdf
Topic name filetype:doc
Topic name filetype:ppt

How to use google as a calculator
==> Open google
==> type calculator
==>and google will open a calculator
==> enjoy...

How To Open WWW.Google.Com
=> If you notice when you open www. or when you type in your url then your browser don't open it open or or whatever your country code is .
==> So the Question is How to open
==> Its very easy.
==> Simply type ( Now it will open
==> NOW what is the ncr?
==> ncr stands for No Country Redirect and it'll take you back to the regular without all the local results.
==> Note that it will redirect to, so if you don't see the /ncr after you press Enter, that's normal.

How to download fully creaked softwares
Step 1.==> Open
step 2.==> Type 94fbr (software name) without brackets like ==> 94fbr idm
It will show you fully creaked softwares

I Hope It Helps? ::)

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