Thursday, 22 August 2013

justin bieber selena gomez lil romeo love triangle
Is Justin Bieber's former BFF gunning for his former GF?
That's how it seems as the Biebs' buddy Romeo has publicly declared his crush on Selena Gomez!
When asked what he wanted for his birthday on Monday, the rapper had just one wish. He said:
"How about a hot date with Selena Gomez?"
Really?? What happened to the Bro Code? And aren't Justin and Selena still doing that weird on-again, off-again casual thing? Could this ruin any chance of them getting back together?
It seems like Romeo, like his ill-fated namesake, is willing to risk it all! But what makes gurl worth the trouble his boy? He says:
"Selena, she's like the girl version of me, man. She's amazing."
Hmm. They do both rap and like Justin Bieber a lot. Maybe they ARE the perfect match! LOLz!
We guess the ball is in Selena's court now!

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