Dubbed the LG G Pad, it is rumoured to be an 8.3-inch tablet with a 1920 x 1080 full HD display with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The tablet is also rumoured to have a small bezel, similar to LG’s new flagship smartphone, the G2.
The existence of the tablet was confirmed by LG’s Bulgarian mobile communications head Dimitar Valev in an interview with Phonearena. He declined to speak about details, and did not confirm any of the rumoured specs.

His comments came just hours before documents from the US Federal Communications Commission certified a new device from LG under the name of the G Pad.
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The G Pad wasn’t the only device Valev confirmed the Korean company is working on.
He revealed that the company is planning to launch a 6-inch phablet early next year. It will mean LG will be going head-to-head with Samsung and Nokia’s upcoming phablets, the Galaxy Note III and the rumoured Nokia Bandit.
It comes just days after LG revealed a new display that features the highest resolution to date.
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Valev also revealed that LG is currently working on its own smartwatch. He pointed to LG’s previous effort at a smartwatch, but said that his company had been too far ahead of the market.
Finally, he also revealed that LG is seriously considering launching a new Windows Phone 8 device. According to Valev, it is only at its planning stages and will depend heavily on what Microsoft does with its next update to the mobile operating system.
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